Derek a.k.a. Zendead has been a tabletop gamer since the age of 9. Starting with AD&D then moving through a long list of games. I started running games after turning 10 and haven’t looked back. Currently I am running a Pathfinder game that is on hold as well as a Shadowrun game. I am playing in a local Shadowrun game as well as a Savage Worlds game with the Broken Earth setting. I started podcasting about 8 or 9 years ago now. I had a Shadowrun specific show called Hiddengrid which is now being managed by Nulloperations. After a few years off to help raise my daughter I figured I had more to say but about more then just one game system. I had the brilliant idea to start up another show from the ground up.

Iona Stone is a long time gamer and lover of all things geeky.  While a person of many interests and occupations, gaming has been near the center of their heart ever since their first board game at the tender age of three.  Table top gaming followed not too long after, and since then they have played and enjoyed three editions of DnD, pathfinder, mage the ascension, Shadowrun, and many, many more.

When not gaming, they perform as a musician, actor, and dancer, write bad poetry (and illustrate it), climb rocks, and collect swords, dragon paraphernalia, and translucent dice to add to their hoard.  They also spend many hours preparing for DMing their pathfinder game, which has run for 2.5 years and claimed the lives of 5 characters.

Guard-a-Manger has spent more years than he wants to count reading, playing, and thinking about table top role playing games! Guard-a-Manger has played a wide range of games including Dungeons & Dragons (before the Advanced part), the Hero System, World of Darkness, T.M.N.T. & Other Strangeness, and Shadowrun. A passion for creating characters and a reputation as a lore monkey that soaks up settings, Guard-a-Manger brings a unique perspective to discussions about gaming and characters.