Dog Days of Podcasting: Day 11 the Town of Dath
Dog Days of Podcasting

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“Lumberyard to Das”

Type: Small Town (Pop. 500)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Ruler: Mayor Candius

Government: Elected Official

Notable NPC’s: Sevion- Master Shipwright, Estevea, Kalvin- Bowyer of The Broken Arrow

Notable Locations: The new Shipyards, The Horny Harpy- Tavern, The Broken Arrow-


Adventure Hooks: Help to clear out a section of the woods from a strange monster that is living there. Rumor has it                                      that a dark cult has taken up residence to the south of town.

The town of Dath was the lumberyard of Das before the border issues. It sits on the river that runs to the capital. This river also flows to Das, which is how the lumber got to Das in the first place. Now most of the ship building has started to get done here. Dath has only been settled for about five years which is why it is still small, but is now growing fast from the influx of refugees.

“Myst on the Moor”

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