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Welcome back to Card Catalog’s look at Starfinder.  As previously mentioned, the resulting characters are getting advanced all the way to Seventh Level and if you have not checked out the overview for this series the link is right here! Also, a reminder that I ignored the suggested wealth table to have more fun with the characters.  This week, we are taking a look at Grik “Chitter” Krowlestic, the Ysoki Bounty Hunter Operative who acts as the Pilot for the Troublemaker Beta.


Design Notes

I knew I was going to make acute and spunky mouse creature somehow, and honestly the idea of the Pilot popped into my head.  In all fairness, Guardians of the Galaxy has made the furry pilot a little bit of a thing lately. A little abrasive and a little friendly balancing those two concepts while also being a dedicated techie was something I thought would be fun to make. Starfinder provides quick start Ability Score options where instead of rolling for your Ability Scores, you can start with a preset list of rolls to assign as you wish.  If you recall from the overview, no Ability Score can start over 18, but we will get well past them later. With a spread of 16, 16, 11, 10,10, and 10, I am starting our leader character with STR 10, DEX 16, CON 11, INT 16, WIS 10, and CHA 10. Grik is a Ysoki Bounty Hunter Operative, so we will start by unpacking those choices.

Species – Ysoki.  The fun, and rather cute looking, Ysoki were also high on my list.  They provide a nice niche in populating the Pact Worlds and the standard player species with a nod to the Sci-Fi trope of the underclass race that is a scrounger.  This means that for Ability Score modifiers, Grik takes the -2 STR but a +2 INT and +2 DEX. The additional benefits of being Ysoki are the sheek pouches where you can store 1 cubic foot of items, Darkvision, and bonuses to various flat footed and prone actions.  Finally, all Ysoki receive a +2 racial bonus to Engineering, Stealth, and Survival checks.

Theme – Bounty Hunter. I envisioned this scittering and busy hustling Ysoki as someone who would find someone or something for a price and make themselves an invaluable part of the local economy as a go-between.  The Bounty Hunter theme fit perfectly. If Chitter has a specific “mark”, all checks to recall information about that mark are reduced. Also, survival is a class skill for all Bounty Hunter Themed characters. Finally, a Bounty Hunter Theme provides a +1 CON

Class – Operative. The Operative may be my favorite class.  It is a version of the old Rogue or Thief class but broadened significantly as you may recall from the version of it we saw in the Babylon 5 Card Catalog Series with Mia Correy as an “Agent”[LINK].   The Operative is the most skill heavy class and definitely more “finesse” based. Operatives receive an Insight bonus to all skill checks and initiative called “Operatives Edge” that increases in levels and also pick a specialization, like a subclass, for their type of Operative with Grik going for Hacker to round out the technical needs of the Troublemaker Crew.

As a Hacker Operative, Grik gets a free rank of Computers and Engineering at each level as well as the Skill Focus Feat for each of those skills.  That is one way the Specialization sets itself apart providing both Skills and Feats before the additional special abilities and Exploits. Operatives have the Trick Attack ability to increase their damage, and each type of Operative can set a foe up for it with different abilities as well. At first level, I am starting Grik off with Mobility to make sure that she can later do the running around and popping of shots even if she isn’t sniping.  Oh, Operatives have Weapon Proficiency in Sniper Rifles. If you’ve followed along with my love of Archers, you know I perked up at that point. Additionally, they have the Trick attack bonus damage that comes into play! It starts as an additional 1D4 damage, but goes up from there!

After we get the Computers and Engineering Skills, I am going to spread out the long list with Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Culture, Diplomacy, Perception, Piloting, Profession (Bounty Hunter), Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, and Survival.  This is a broad range and Skills and the Operatives Edge gives them all a bonus!

Hit Points are a set amount based on your species and class (10), while Stamina points are a set amount from your class plus your CON modifier(4).  Finally, Resolve Points start as half your level, rounded up plus your class chief ability score modifier, WIS for Vaelayo(4). Finally, thinking about Vaelayo and his desire to for power, even if it is just soft power, a Lawful Neutral Alignment seems good.  He certainly respects traditions and structures, but has no inclination to use them for the general betterment of the Pact Worlds.


Taking these Starfinder characters out to 7th level really let’s the Operative shine! Just as a reminder, check the link below for the character sheet since we won’t discuss all of the advancements.

First, I’m a big fan of plugging the weaknesses of characters so the initial Ability Score improvements at level 5 took STR to 10 to remove the penalty and CON to 14 for extra hit points.  INT and DEX are both taken to 19 to push the specialties out even further. Finally, for personal upgrade, I gave Chitter a Mk. II DEX Upgrade – Wired Reflexes! Why keep your original nervous system when we can make it faster and better with the wonders of tech bringin Chitter’s DEXT to 23(!!)! .

On skills, since Computers and Engineering will keep pace thanks to Operative abilities, I’ll peel a rank each off of Athletics, Bluff, and Diplomacy to put a handful of ranks in Medicine because somebody has to heal the healer is Vaelayo ever goes down. When you factor in the Operative’s Edge bonus of +3 at 7th Level, Chitter is throwing +17 or better in all of her core competencies which are legion.  

For augmentations, I switched over to the technological options for Chitter.  I started with a High Density Datajack to let her plug directly into a computer and gain a circumstance bonus.  Next, I wanted to give her a prosthetic arm and hid a tactical knife in it with an extra modifications to breath underwater and enhance her hearing even more. I kept the magic limited with only a Glove of Storing, where a nice sized medkit can be kept without the Bulk, and a Trailblazer fusion on the Sniper Rifle.  Because what sniper won’t want to ignore environmental modifiers to sniping shots. I also spent some credits on a highly customized and enhanced datapad with increased security and firewalls because I like the idea of Chitter madly typing away on this thing trying to outhack an enemy hacker.

I already mentioned how the Operative’s Edge has increased to a +3, which means that the bonus now equals the Skill Focus that Chitter has in Computers and Engineering.  This is balanced by the Specialization Skill Mastery feature allowing her to take 10 on those skills even in stressful situations like combat! For Exploits, which are the special powers or tricks to round out the character, I looked at Elusive Hacker and Speed Hacker to make Chitter better at her professed Specialization but also Uncanny Pilot as the main pilot of the Troublemaker Beta.  

For additional Feats,Evasion and Shot on the Run go hand in hand with the Operative powers like Quick Movement, Dive for Cover, and Uncanny Agility.  Easy choices for this light on her feet and rather hyperactive character. Finally, the trick attack damage bonus is now an additional +4D8 and you can make the victims flat footed as a result!

As with other d20 based systems, the Base Attack Bonus and Saving throws also increased.  Check out the character sheet linked below for the full write up. The gear and armour have also been upgraded to reflect the character advancement.  Including jump jets on her armor.


Character Notes

Grik Krowlestic grew up in what is an almost sterotypical ysoki neighborhood! The half finished projects and tinkering across the whole block combined with the absolute plethora of young Ysoki rummaging around and making trouble was an invitation to disaster … or adventure! Periodic bouts of laughter and arguments broke out between the families as Grik would play and explore in the rusted remains of the space barges that once took Akiton’s precious ore to the stars.

Grik knew, as much as he loved his parents and siblings that he couldn’t stay.  As much because his parents couldn’t afford to feed the whole family on the declining thasteron mining wages the Company offered.  LIfe was dirty and dusty and hard, but Grik also knew it would be better for his family if he took his life on the road … and great thing about being a ysoki is that on Akiton, the traveling hover caravans are always glad to have another body! In the Hivemarket, Grik became known as chitter as she took it upon herself to explore every nook and cranny of the vast bazaar.  She made a name for herself tinkering with the delicate electronics in ways even the Mechanics didn’t quite fathom but that made complete sense to her. The first time she was paid bringing back information on someone’s hideout, Chitter found her calling as a Bounty Hunter.

Being a Bounty Hunter on Akiton means you are bound to make enemies, and Chitter was no exception.  A bad habit of throwing beer glasses across rooms, with the beer still in them, made even fewer friends than the organized smuggling rings she ran up against.  Walking down a neon lit alley, wondering where the next attack would come from, Chitter saw a glorious and wonderful Kasathas rip a pipe from its moorings and proceed to absolutely school a pair of young punks. Even better than a hiding place, a friend with a strong arm, right?

Chitter made friends with Besu Pratili Vin Atrides of Clan Hadard, House Locklin, of the line of Zye, or “Besu” for short because she was also looking for something.  She was finding herself and her traditions away from the Kasathas and the Idari, and Chitter thought now was as good a time as any to let the heat subside.

On the way to Absalom Station, a strange forward Lashunta approached them and get them deep into a running debate about culture and history all the way to Absalom Station.  For whatever reason, that Lashunta volunteered them to help find a missing datacard and Chitter was about to tell him to take a long walk out a short airlock when the victim was Hiroko Benandetti.  She may be a bit of an up and comer, but anybody getting published like that is worth knowing. For whatever reason, they stayed together even then Clausweld-7 and his drone just started coming along.  If one friend with a strong arm is good, maybe another one with a drone mounted assault rifle is better?

It was a little bit of a flashback for Chitter working for Ulrikka Clanholdings.  Mining is always dangerous, and the dwarves in charge of Ulrikka were no better as a corp than those in charge on Akiton.  It was hard sometimes to help them maintain “profitability” because Chitter knew that meant some miners would lose their lives.  The pirates made it a little easier since they didn’t even pretend to care for the miners, the company men and women, or anybody else in their way. Chitter is still not sure that is more annoying from that job – losing the Troublemaker or gaining Stoli Kilaim.  Despite the similarity in size and demeanor, the dwarf and the ysoki don’t see eye to eye.

By now, Chitter had settled comfortably into a role as pilot, and sometimes jester, for the Troublemaker Beta.  When the crew was up against renegade elves and crazed undead Bone Sage minions, it helped to have a laugh once in a while. Maybe Stoli wasn’t so bad, or maybe that is just his grenade launcher Chitter admires so, but she is starting to not mind the dwarf even as she is starting to wonder where Vaelayo has all their best interests at heart as they stare into the Vast.   

Chitter Ysoki Bounty Hunter Operative

Starfinder & Troublemaker Beta Crew Overview


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Sheet by http://paizo.com/people/Gilfalas


As I started having fun with the Starfinder system designing these character, I realized that I wanted to advance them quite a bit.  I took this crew to the highest level I’ve done for a Card Catalog all the way out to 7th level. This means that I got to make use of a lot of the options provided in the advancement and start to show off how a character comes together over levels.  There is also a suggested wealth table in the book … that I promptly ignored. I wanted to give the crew a full load of weapons as well as cybernetic, magical, and other augmentations to show off the system so I may have been a bit generous there. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Valaeyo, the Lashunta Xenoseeking Mystic Captain of the Troublemaker Beta.


Design Notes

The first character from the Troublemaker Beta is it’s putative Captain, Valaeyo. For an overall concept, I have in mind a charming but somewhat arrogant leader who has no qualms about proving their superiority in the stars. Starfinder provides quick start Ability Score options where instead of rolling for your Ability Scores, you can start with a preset list of rolls to assign as you wish.  If you recall from the overview, no Ability Score can start over 18, but we will get well past them later. With a spread of 18, 14, 11, 10,10, and 10, I am starting our leader character with STR 10, DEX 10, CON 10, INT 11, WIS 18, and CHA 14. Valaeyo is a Lashunta Xenoseeking Mystic, so we will start by unpacking those choices.

Species – Lashunta.  I knew that I was going to use a lot of the new races the Starfinder book and the Lashunta, with their dimorphism definitely attracted me. This is one of the new species in the Starfinder book which is dimorphic, not along sex but along role in the species.  The Korasha is a warrior style character while the Damaya is a more diplomatic suited character. This means that for Ability Score modifiers, Vaelayo takes the Damaya Lashunta modifiers of -2 CON but a +2 CHA and +2 INT. Also, the Lashunta are a psionic race that have a handful of psionic powers such as Daze which are the same as the spells of the same name, can communicate telepathically, and gain a +2 Racial Bonus to two skills of the player’s choice!   

Theme – Xenoseeker. One of the things I am most excited about in Starfinder is the use of Themes as a third descriptor and part of a character.  The Xenoseeker is a chatacyer who is intrigued and obsessed with meeting and finding new life forms in the Pact Worlds and the Vast. They are the seekers and greeters all in one with knowledge based around cultures and life forms as well as advancing to being able to create quick pidgin languanges.  Finally, a Xenoseeker Theme provides a +1 CHA

Class – Mystic. Finally, for Vaelayo’s class, I went with Mystic.  The Mystic is one of two spellcasting types and is superficially similar to Clerics.  They have a similar overarching connection to the magic, called a Connection, and their spell list holds a lot of the healing spells. The earlier concept about the somewhat arrogant and domineering character type lends itself well to the Overlord Connection from a mystic, so we will work with that.  The variety provided from each Connection, like the nature of the deity worshipped in Clerics, allows for significant variance in Mystic builds!

As part of the Overlord Connection, Vaelayo will always seek to be the dominant force in social interactions and when he uses Charm spells, the target will think that the ideas were the targets own. Diplomacy and Intimidate both receive bonuses from the Connection and as he increases in level, further special powers will manifest. At first level, the best Feat I could think of for Vaelayo is Spell Penetration where he gets bonuses to overcome opponents spell resistance.  Looking at spell lists, I specifically load up on spells that are controlling or mentally manipulative to further the Overlord theme.

Obviously, the skills like Sense Motive, Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate are highly sought after for a Mystic Diplomat or leader character.  I am looking at wanting to have a lot of Medicine, Perception, and Mysticism as well. Finally, Culture is one of my favorite skills because it functions not only to help you understand the worlds and people you encounter but also provides additional languages per rank and I am a sucker for languages.  Since that is coming out to more skills that I want to take than skill ranks per level available, Vaelayo will start without the extra rank of Culture and see when he can grow into it.

Hit Points are a set amount based on your species and class (10), while Stamina points are a set amount from your class plus your CON modifier(4).  Finally, Resolve Points start as half your level, rounded up plus your class chief ability score modifier, WIS for Vaelayo(4). Finally, thinking about Vaelayo and his desire to for power, even if it is just soft power, a Lawful Neutral Alignment seems good.  He certainly respects traditions and structures, but has no inclination to use them for the general betterment of the Pact Worlds.


Like I said earlier, I took these characters all the way to 7th level, so we are going to cover a lot of choices in the advancement section, but not every single choice that ended up on the character sheet. First, the initial Ability Score improvements at level 5 took DEX to 12, CON to 10, WIS to 19, and CHA to 18.  Also, I am going to provide a personal upgrade Mark I to him. For his Wisdom, I have listed the “Holy Markings of Communion” which are magical tattoos aligned to the higher understanding of Abadar providing the Wisdom boost of +2 to a WIS of 21.

On skills, I spread them out so most of them are at 6 ranks, while Culture is at 5 ranks and Life Science at 2 ranks to back up the Medicine skill.  With the other bonuses, such as the Connection bonuses, Vaelayo has some pretty strong +12 to +16 in his main skills.

For augmentations I kept with magic items instead of cybernetic augmentations. I decided that he got Fusions on his Battle Staff, which function like enchantments, for it to be a Called & Holy Battle Staff so he can’t leave it behind and it is … well … Holy.  Also, a Staff of Mystic Healing for your healer in the party is something everybody would chip in to acquire and I gave some Aeon Stones to orbit his head negating the need to breath, eat or drink. It is important to note that the stones don’t count to your maximum number of magical items.  

The additional spells learned continued in the same basic theme of mind control with healing secondary.  The overlord Connection continued to provide spells and powers to further that theme you can see on the sheet.

For additional Feats, I added the Spell Focus and Antagonize feats to round out some of his utility in combat and to fit his Overlord theme to respectively increase the spell Difficulty Check and to anger an opponent to penalize their skill checks.  Finally, he picks up Greater Spell Penetration to further his ability to overcome Spell Resistance with spells like Daze Monster.

As with other d20 based systems, the Base Attack Bonus and Saving throws also increased.  Check out the character sheet linked below for the full write up. The gear and armour have also been upgraded to reflect the character advancement.  


Character Notes

On the world of Castrovel, Vaelayo was out of place.  Born to the Lashunta, and expressing as a Damaya Lashunta, Vaelayo was certainly well suited to be a part of the meritocratic ruling of his city-state.  Castrovel was full of predators and jungles, and while the Lashunta worked well together, it was a constant dance with the corporations who want to take more and more of Castrovel for their own purposes, the insectoid formorians that share the world and wars, and the elves who settled on Castrovel after the Gap. The Damaya led the City States and the Lashunta with the words and insight, while the Korasha were the forefront in the battles against predators and rivals.

While the Damaya and Korasha are no longer strictly expressed along gender lines, it was Vaelayo’s misfortune to be born to a city-state where the ruling Matriarchy still held institutional power.  He was clearly a gifted leader and scholar following in the Lashunta traditions, but it was obvious that his advancement would eventually plateau. His deep Connection that blossomed with his Mystic calling was incompatible with being sidelined like that, and so he began to search for ways out.  His parents loved him dearly and recommended the Corporate life, enmeshed in the games of money and power across the Pact Worlds. There were, after all, no shortage of them on Castrovel. He looked to other City-States where the meritocracy was not as traditionally repressive, or the Threefold House of Lady Morana Kesh who spoke for the largest spaceport on Castrovel but they too didn’t call to him.  He sought the new.

It was a drift ship that carried him to Akiton.  He needed to see over the horizon. A chance meeting with elves in his youth showed him that there was much more to the worlds than he knew.  The corporations brought many new species to Castrovel, but he couldn’t be locked into their path. He set out to claim his path forward and to claim it in his own way.

Travelling between Akiton and Absalom Station, he struck up a conversation with Besu and “Chitter”.  He had his first deep conversation with a Kasathas and Ysoki there and he found them intriguing. It was on Absalom Station that Vaelayo simply took command and volunteered himself, Besu, and Chitter to assist in solving the mystery of a stolen data card.  Hiroko Benandetti ended up being not only the victim, but another person that came along for the following adventure and Clausweld-7 rounded out a mercenary crew that could find ways deep into the Vast. Or so Vaelayo hoped.

A quick job or two on Absalom Station earned them a reputation good enough to be hired by Ulrikka Clanholdings.  They were to bring the profitability of their Diaspora mining operation back to acceptable levels as several pirate bands had taken a particular liking to Clanholdings products.  On board the Troublemaker, the newly formed crew set out for adventure. It may have taken a few years to finally put an end to the Pirate’s predations, but it was well worth it. The Troublemaker was valiantly lost in the process, but the crew gained a Dwarven power armor wearing Soldier named Stoli Kilaim who lightened up the Troublemaker Beta as it was being retrofitted by Ulrikka Clanholdings as a bonus for a job well done.

Vaelayo couldn’t let one thing go from that job.  The Pirates had other clients as well and one of them was very clearly a Castrovelian corporation that had no real business in Diaspora pirate operations.  It was a textile oriented company after all. Vaelayo needed to know and the crew came along to help find out why. It turns out a faction of Elves had taken fully to their xenophobic trends and had infiltrated the company as a cover for working with an Eoxian Bone Sage.  The Pirates were going to become new additions to the Corpse Fleet that was in fact still receiving aid from certain Bone Sages if the Pirates would further clear the formorians and Lashunta away from the Elven continent on Castrovel… killing untold numbers of them in the process.

Thankfully, The Troublemaker Beta stopped this, even if it was only seen as a poorly hidden corporate takeover instead of a plotted undead genocidal attack.  The latter being kept secret came with Vaelayo receiving something he always wanted – recognition on Castrovel and the beginning of the fame that comes from it.


Vaelayo Lashunta Xenoseeker Mystic

Starfinder & Troublemaker Beta Crew Overview Here.

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Sheet by http://paizo.com/people/Gilfalas

One shameful acknowledgement to begin with – I have never played Pathfinder, much less Starfinder.  It came out in the lull of my gaming and I never was swept up as part of a group that enjoyed the game.  While I had some extensive experience with it’s progenitor, D&D 3 & 3.5, this is going to be my first deep dive into a Core Rule Book for the Paizo developed system.  Honestly, I’ve been really impressed with Starfinder. I’ll talk about more in the system and setting notes, but the chance to grab the CRB now has me jonesing to play a rolicking space advenure. It didn’t help that I played a few hours of Starfinder welcome adventures at Origins 2018.

Starfinder is the latest iteration and refinement of the Pathfinder D20 system, and like both Babylon 5 and Mutants & Masterminds has the Open Gaming License from 2000 incorporated into its work.  Pathfinder began as a supplement series for Dungeons & Dragons 3e and 2.5, but it took off as it’s own creature or game when Wizards of the Coast (inheriting TSR’s legacy) moved to Dungeons & Dragons 4e. Many players felt that D&D 4e was not enough like D&D and had a backlash against the company for making changes to the underlying mechanics and “feel” of the game.  In this roilling period, Paizo launched Pathfinder as the continuation of the mechanics of 3.5 but with constant refinements. Now, a decade in, Paizo has taken the leap to the stars by releasing Starfinder, a Space Opera, Science Fiction, and Science Fantasy version of Pathfinder set in the far future of the Pathfinder world. Since the release in 2017, Paizo has produced several adventures as well as the Alien Archive and System Worlds books but for this set we will focus solely on the CRB.

System Notes

The system in Starfinder, like Pathfinder, is built on the skeleton of D&D 3.5 like we discussed in the Babylon 5 intro.  This means that you have 6 Ability Scores, a list of Skills, and class abilities to draw from. You have Hit Points, Armor Class, Saving Throws, and Attacks that are all derived from your Ability Score Bonuses and Class Descriptions.  Finally, you have Feats that, along with your special class abilities, provide you with your unique character’s abilities. This is a system that is fairly well known in the gaming sphere, so I want to focus on some of the innovations and pieces that struck me compared to the early d20 system works. Starfinder represents Paizo’s big leap forward, though, with innovations and changes that set Starfinder apart from other d20 derived systems while retaining the core mechanics and appearance.

First, I really like the three part character generation.  Instead of just a species and class, Starfinder adds a Theme so that you massively increase the number of concepts that have mechanical support in the game.  A Human Soldier is one thing, but a Starfarer Themed Human Soldier is very different from a Priest Themed Human Soldier. Each theme provides bonus skills to be in class as well as an attribute bump and other abilities at higher levels.  

Second, attribute enhancements are handled well and really do provide a science fantasy or pulp feel to the improvements.  While you are not allowed to start with an Ability Score over 18 at character creation, there is ample opportunity to exceed that limit as you advance. Every 4 levels, you can increase four of your six Ability Scores by 2 if they are at 16 or below or by 1 if they are at 17 or above.  In addition to that, the game provides that each character may get Attribute Enhancements – one at +2, one at +4, and one at +6. The exact nature are left up to the player and GM, but nanocarbonfiber muscle replacements could be a STR enhancement, or a magical tattoo to channel the powers of a god could be a WIS enhancement.  Additionally, Starfinder makes it clear that when you increase your ability score, you also get retroactive bonus. If you increase your CON score at Level 10 from 12 (+1 bonus) to 14(+2 bonus), you get the retroactive +10 Hit Points. Combining these with the quick start Attribute rules and you can make a character who fits that space opera, science fantasy, pulp like larger than life heroism quite well over the course of their career.

Third, Blending magic and technology without batting an eye.  If you are going to include both in a game, there are significant design choices that go into the relationship between magic and technology.  For Starfinder, the world shrugs and has both equally viable and equally available. The characters are limited to how many magical items they can have on them or how many augmentations they can have on a body part, but that is simple bookkeeping. This simplifies things for players and GMs but they have a nod to it all in the fluff and setting story which makes it integrated into the world well.

Fourth, the subclasses available in each class.  Increasing the number of types of characters available even more, every single class has significant “subclasses” where there are multiple ways it can be developed.  Each class has a plethora of special abilities beyond feats making them each be desirable, but then the further specialization available is like icing on top of the cake. Take the Mechanic which has an AI of some kind – either an exocortex that the Mechanic wears or in a Drone.  This means that your mechanic could take on aspects of a “pet” class with the drone that increases in abilities with you or double down on using direct enhancement with the exocortex. Each provides a different flavor on top of the Theme, Species, and Class decisions already made. There are four different example builds with each character class in the book that showcase the diversity, and I will try not to use any of them in the builds here.

Fifth, the revision of the skills system streamlines things greatly.  The Original D20 systems provided that you could have skills at a rank up to your level +3, but you had to pay double for skills that were not in class, and your first level used a x4 multiplier for the number of ranks to start.  Starfinder provides a set number of skills per level. If you have a skill as a class skill, you receive a +3 bonus effectively mimicking the old start with 4 ranks in your class skills methods, but in a simpler mechanic.

Sixth, the addition of Stamina Points makes the game feel more modern.  The dual health track systems that represent the different between the “aw shucks just a flesh wound” and the more serious wounds makes the game feel more epic and also extends the heroism.  We’ll go into how they are calculated in the character design posts.

Seventh, the use of Resolve Points also creates a more narrative and modern feel to the game without sacrificing the underlying crunch of the d20 system being spent to activate high level and more impressive powers and being used to heal between encounters.

Eighth, while the game is built around the new races and classes in the setting, the traditional Pathfinder and fantasy races and classes are easily convertible.  Moreover, the back of the book has a great chapter on how to convert the two as well as putting the traditional races in the spacefaring setting. The last character was going to be one of the other new and shiny races and classes, but the picture from the book made me want to make the Dwarf who is now in the mix.

Ninth, there is a strong hand dealt to the GM and expectations.  GMs are expressly told that the party is expected to have access to a spaceship in someway so that the adventures can go on either as a perk from their employer or having it outright.  Additionally, GMs are advised to allow wealth by means of a regular paycheck or reward system rather than by looting the bodies of fallen foes. Making setting expectations clear for the GM, and by extension the players serves as a Session Zero.1 for the entire setting and not just a campaign.

Setting Notes

Starfinder plunges the players into the space fantasy setting of the Pact Worlds in the far flung future from the Pathfinder RPG! In fact, the planet that Pathfinder explores, Golarion, has gone missing and is one of the great mysteries of the settings.  The Pact World System had over a dozen planets, but Golarion is missing, replaced with Absalom Station, and two were destroyed forming the Diaspora asteroid belt. The Pact World System is in a precarious balance of peace as it looks to the future.

Nobody knows what happened in The Gap, just that system wide everyone came to 300 years ago to know they were missing some amount of time.  Scrubbed from memories, history, and even the deities own words nobody knew how long had passed or what had transpired. Absalom Station was quickly swollen with the people who no longer had a planet to call their own, and 3 years later a new Deity, Triune, showed the system Drift travel.  Absalom Station’s Starstone was a beacon in the drift and it became a hub for the expanding planetary and corporate interests in the system. For 40 years, things were slowly returning to normal until the Vesk began a conquest and the remaining planets formed the Pact World alliance … even the Bone Sages of Eox came to the table and the Elves still grieving their own lost memories.  The Veskarium were the Pact World’s closest neighbors and these neighbors were not friendly.

For two hundred and fifty years, this was the state of things, until the Swarm forced even the mighty Veskarium to the Pact World table and they joined in a shaky agreement even as some of the Swarm rejected its collectivism to become the Shirren who now are part of the Pact Worlds’ population.  The Pact World System is full of adventure and intrigue, with monsters in the deep of space and mysteries still underneath the planets’ surface.


Troublemaker Beta

It’s taken a while, but the crew of the Troublemaker Beta are making a distinct name for themselves especially now that they have a good ship to their name. Coming together on Absalom Station, as many crews are want to do, the crew of the Troublemaker Beta started off by foiling pirates.  Besu and Chitter had already become fast friends, or at least Chitter was already hiding behind Besu’s strong arms when Valaeyo spoke up to have them hired by the Ulrikka Clanholding company.

While Drift will get you there, you have to spend some time out of the Drift and piracy was eating into profits for the Ulrikka Clanholdings. Their Diaspora mining operation was being harried before the ore could be refined, and taken from the profit side of the ledger in th Star Citadel. They were hired to get to the bottom of it and make sure that the profits still flowed.  In the course of this, they found Stoli, but also uncovered a deeper conspiracy.

It took another year to defeat, but not quite expose, the plans between errant Elves on Castrovel and a Bone Sage intent on expanding his unliving touch.  It took a year, and many derring deeds were undertaken, but the System still does not know the full extent of what the Troublemaker Beta averted. Now, they are looking for their next job and looking to the system for the next mystery in their retrofitted Shirren transport ship.


Xenoseeking Lashunta Mystic
August 7, 2018

The Lashunta have been transformed over generations and Valaeyo feels the next great step is to stretch beyond the Pact Worlds.  Valaeyo channels the power of the universe through his Mystic being and seeks to manipulate the worlds around him. It was not long after Besu and Chitter were leaving for Absalom Station that Valaeyo’s own path crossed theirs. As the putative Captain of the SHIP,  he is looked to as a leader which suits him just fine as his Mystic powers are built around Leading, or as some call it Overlording.


Grik “Chitter” Krowlestic
Bounty Hunting Ysoki Operative
August 14, 2018

Akiton is still a mess.  It’s no surprise that people go there to hide and people go there to get lost. Chitter, as she is known to her friends, specialized in finding those people and running them to ground.  For a fee, of course. When Besu stepped off the Idari and visited Akiton, she ran into Chitter …. Or more accurately, Chitter saw her take apart a gang of thugs. Tall, strong, and violent friends are helpful in her line of work.  Primarily the pilot of the Troublemaker, Chitter is also more than capable Engineer who works with C-7 though the biological components of the Shirren tech can be a little offputting for her.


Spacefaring Kasathas Soldier
August 21, 2018

Tradition is the watchword of the Kasathas.  Besu knows this and has attempted to embrace it.  Restless and wishing to see the rest of the universe, Besu is taking a walkabout from Idari to see more of the universe and to find her own traditions to follow. Her intense desire to see the universe around her led her to start at Akiton where this chatty and somewhat obnoxious Ysoki “adopted” her as family.  Kasathas are known to take care of their family, so Chitter’s plea was soon followed by Valaeyo forging them into a crew with the rest. She is beginning to feel comfortable now, and perhaps it is time to return to the Idari and share her traditions.


Scholar Android Mechanic
August 28, 2018

C-7 is fascinated by the mechanical interacting with the biological.  The nature of an Android’s soul is something lost on him, but he is still intent on studying how to put a human together, a questioner of how everyone came to be.  In the course of this new obsession, C-7 has sought out knowledge of biologics and Androids to learn how each of them can be pieced together. Recently, C-7 has come to see the hole is its knowledge – and Valaeyo is being peppered with questions about souls in every down moment there is.


Hiroko Benandetti
Icon Human Technomancer
September 4, 2018

Some people just think deep thoughts.  Hiroko Benandetti is one of those deep thinkers and philosophers.  In fact, you may well have heard of her before as she is a rather well known Philosopher exploring the interplay between technology and spirituality.  A Philosopher who uses her Technomancer trainings to summon, create, and cajole technological beings, Hiriko is at the forefront of what it means to truly be alive in the Pact Worlds and what the Drift may yet bring. She is often found in deep conversations with C-7 about what it means to be alive, and many of these conversations have just added to her fame when recorded and shared across the Pact Worlds.  


Stoli Kilaim
Mercenary Dwarf Soldier
September 11, 2018

A big mug of food, a rowdy and bawdy song, and an automatic grenade launcher attached to a suit of powered armor.  It is almost the stuff of stereotypes, but it is also how Stoli appears. Stoli joined up with the crew of the Troublemaker as they were finishing up the adventures of the pirates who had been eating into the mining profits of the Ulrikka Clanholdings.  It was just in time, too, because a strapping dwarf with power armor and a grenade launch was exactly what they needed when the sneaky elves tried to undermine a new Vast exploration? It didn’t take long for Stoli to fall into a routine, getting in Chitter’s way and poking at C-7’s biologic conclusions all while asking where the next port is when the Troublemaker itself came into their possession.  


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“Drazi know Centauri lie.  Not fooled by smiling hair.  Drazi price not changed.”

System Notes

This is another one of the characters that tweaks expectations and isn’t a min-maxed build.  The Drazi are best described as the scrappy and pugnacious scaly ones in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.  Statistically, they have a knock on their Intelligence but a good Charisma can make up for that. At the same time, the breadth the character will have as a trade off may prove to be useful in a long term campaign and in a setting like Babylon 5. Looking at our Ability rolls, there is no reason to use the 16 on Intelligence when it will be knocked down to 14 when a 15 knocked down to 13 will give the same level of bonus.  Since Charisma is the other main Ability for Telepaths, I’ll focus there. After our Species boost for Strength and penalty for Intelligence, Tenilla’s Ability Scores are: Strength 14; Dexterity 12; Constitution 15; Intelligence 13; Wisdom 10; and Charisma 16.

The Drazi have a host of special abilities, like all species in the Babylon 5 game – They have tough scales so receive Damage Resistance 1 that will stack with any armor they have.  The Drazi are all aggressive fighters honed through years of conflict based culture and receive the Brawler feat allowing them to do lethal damage and not just nonlethal damage with hand to hand combat. The flip side of that coin is that they have a penalty to any saves to avoid charging into combat.  Scrappy and Pugnacious.

Like Stephen, Tenilla has a limited number of skill points even with a 15 Intelligence. As a Drazi, I think Intimidate is a useful skill to have maxed out and I will also add Telepathy and Concentration to that list to bolster Tenilla’s Telepathic abilities.  The remainder of the skills are spread between Notice and a few Knowledge skills of other League cultures – to better understand how to bully them.

For feats, as a Telepath, there is only choice – Telepathy.  To set the initial P-Rating, the Telepathy feat ahs you roll 2D4-2, and we got 4.  The P Rating is important because the difference between your P-Rating and the Power of any Telepathic ability determines how much nonlethal damage you take pushing yourself to achieve it.  At first level, Telepaths receive a bonus Telepathy feat, or you can use that to get an enhanced P-Rating, which I chose so the Tenilla can use certain pain inflicting Telepathic powers without any strain.  She starts with a P Rating of 10!

For Influence, Tenilla has only 1D6 to start, and it is in League of Non-Aligned Worlds Political. A 3 is pretty much right where you would expect an ambassadorial attache to be at the start of her assignment.   

Equipment isn’t that necessary as a Telepath, but a PPG, a little armor, and a somewhat hostile attitude all go together as part of the Drazi way.   

Advancement Notes

Advancement in the d20/OGL system is a straightforward affair where saving throws, base attack bonuses, and skills all have improvements as the character levels.  I kept Concentration, Intimidate, and Telepathy at their maximum ranks while providing a little enhancement to those Knowledge skills and Notice. The Telepathic class abilities is where it starts getting fun because Tenilla picks up Discipline Focus: Biokinetics reducing the strain for any of those Telepathic abilities used.  At third level, Tenilla  adds the Telepathic Feat: Adaptive Mind to remove the penalties for using Telepathy on alien races, like humans, and Combat Telepathy to maintain concentration in the middle of a fight. The Influence isn’t all that much of an increase, moving League Political to 5 and adding League Social of 2.

Character Notes

Tenilla was born to clutchmates who treated her in the usual Drazi fashion, that is with conflict and violence.  She survived, though, and thrived, for which her clutchmates now benefit from the Drazi Freehold tax break for not killing their Telepathic sibling.  The Drazi needed her, so many Telepaths had perished in the Dilgar war in 2230 that she had no choice in pursuing her future. While most female Drazi prefer a home life, ambition was cultivated in Tenilla by her parents, her school, and the Freehold itself so she would take her place to replenish the lost Telepaths.

This was not hard to do.  Tenilla had the quintessential aggression of the Drazi coupled with a Telepath’s insight into motivations.  The stories of the legendary Drazi, Shok of the Sky, seemed to come up around her more than other Drazi. She became quite interested in serving the Freehold.  Hearing the thoughts and the acclaim that others would provide when she said this reinforced her loyalty and her ambition. The Drazi know that sometimes praise is all that is needed to sway a Telepath.    

Her time in the military did not lead to being a soldier, but instead was quickly diverted to Military Intelligence and trained to recognize other League cultures.  She never knew that there was anything else. She was Drazi and Drazi serve the Freehold. Loyalty is part of the Drazi like shiftlessness is in Humans or arrogance in the Minbari. A talent in Biokinetics is not unknown among the Drazi, and indeed is often preferred, but Tenilla also showed signs of possible Telekinetic gifts. Tenilla doesn’t know that she is being cultivated for this, to see whether it will manifest and to put her in a difficult position, a new assignment was given.

Ambassador Vizak was being sent to Babylon 5 to be part of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds assembly to sit with the other great powers of the galaxy.  There is no better place to expose a Drazi Telepath to stress than between hundreds of other cultures and in a diplomatic role where the natural Drazi power is not always respected.  Tenilla became a Diplomatic Attache. A listener and a speaker.

Tenilla is a Drazi rough around the edges, but is learning how to slide between the different species on Babylon 5.  Her ability to scan the different aliens there has only increased as everyday she has an opportunity to overwhelm some other poor saps mental defenses.  In Nakir’s, she has made connections with other residents of Babylon 5, equally out of place. While Durvoon and Stephen talk of war and conflict as if it is something thrust upon them, Tenilla knows only the Drazi way of conflict.  In watching Vr’korl slide almost unnoticed across the station, Tenilla begins to understand how many will choose to avert their eyes, so at odds with the Drazi customs of honesty. In Nakir’s, she has her Bor’kaan, misses feeling the wind across her scales, and watches these other races fool themselves.

Tenilla was also a Green Drazi this cycle and doesn’t know how she feels about Commander Ivanova’s involvement, even though the rule against non-Drazi has not yet left committee after 800 years.

The future is bittersweet for Tenilla.  The Freehold’s attempt to awaken Telekinetic power in her will succeed through her involvement in the coming War of Shadows.  She does what Drazi do – barrel forward without fear and without reservation. She survives and awakens her Telekinetic power, but is put at odds with the rest of the Station as the Drazi Freehold struggles to improve its place in the galaxy and becomes more and more aggressive.  It is her blood, her DNA and her children’s DNA that the Freehold will use as a template to try to create the Shokash, but that is a story for the future.


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Tenilla Drazi Telepath Sheet

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Episode 57: WorldBuilding Primer
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00:00 / 1:05:50

Main Topic – Worldbuilding 101


How to make sure that the campaign setting is immersive, rich, and engaging.  Creating a place where the story can happen that reflects not only the campaign theme but also the stories of the characters. The fine line between sufficient detail to engage the players while leaving room for their own contributions is the greatest challenge to any worldbuilder.


Main Styles

Top Down – You start from the 3000’ view and design the larger picture focusing on the overarching themes and continental level actions in a story.

Pros- Overall Understanding, Big Picture Sight, Allows the most flexibility on individual game sessions. Uses a wide-angle lens on your story.

Cons- Lots of time to do it. Can leave you unprepared for microlevel actions by PCs. Requires a wide-angle lens on your story.

Bottom Up – You design the immediate surroundings of the Player Characters and their environs to create the most immersive and engaging starting “block” from a locality level.

Pros- Make what you need or want, key it to Player Character needs specifically. Can be incredibly detailed and rich environs.

Cons- The big Picture may not be visible for awhile. The bigger picture may not always make sense with what you started doing. Harder to keep together.

Mix it up – Our preferred method of using both of the previous styles to create a campaign setting that includes both the overarching theme and deity level actors filtered down to the immediacy of the starting character world.

Pros- You get some of the best of both. Bigger pic ideas And a bit let time spent on the whole thing at once.

Cons- It can feel a bit like things are not coming together. It’s the most work for a GM between planning and keeping the improvisational parts in the air. The hardest one to balance needs of the GM and needs of the PCs as a way to move the story forward


Things to include or think about when designing the world:


Terrain – What is the physical area like?

Weather – How does the weather shape the people and their attire?

Population – Who, and What, Lives there?

Economics – How does the population exchange goods and services?

Politics – How does the population resolve collective disputes?

Malleability – How firm is the push back from the world to changes?


Stat Blocks

Zendead- I suck today.


Joules- The Waltzing Matilda

The Royal Fortune, The Black Pearl, The Revenge, The Red Flag Fleet.  The stories and legends of these pirate ships are ubiquitous and never fail to captivate an audience.  However, no story delights and confuses an audience quite like the legend of the Waltzing Matilda.


The Waltzing Matilda is the only pirate ship that can’t (or won’t) float on water.  (kind of) She can make use of most ports and harbors normally, as long as she sticks to the shallows.  If she turns out to sea and water gets deeper, she begins to be pulled under.


However, on dry land, she is a terror.  A monster. A machine from the bowels of hell itself.  The Waltzing Matilda can levitate to about 60 to 70 feet.  (No one knows the exact height though, since she never sticks around long enough to get an accurate measurement) She can turn nearly instantaneously and broadside before her target has time to realize their predicament.  She can rise above the tree line, out of range of a town’s tower defenses, and rain chaos from above.

Her silent aerial attacks always seem to nab the best booty.  Everyone is looking for thieves and marauders and invading forces to attack from the ground.  So attacking from the air catches the town with their pants metaphorically (and sometimes literally) down.  It’s an effective pillaging tactic that has a very low loss of life for both sides.


So what happened to the Waltzing Matilda to confine her to the land?  It involves her previous captain, a sea hag, insults (both perceived and actual), and a failure to understand the magical equivalent of fine print.

Long story short, the Waltzing Matilda’s previous captain grew greedy and wanted use the Waltzing Matilda on dry land.  He sought out a sea hag of incredible power and demanded that his mighty vessel be able to rise above the land. The sea hag saw the partial rejection of the sea as an insult and the arrogance of his demand infuriating.  So she did what he wanted. Just not exactly how he wanted it. The ship may indeed fly a specific height above the ground, but no higher. And the ground she was referring to wasn’t just the dry land. She also included the sea floor in her enchantment.  Meaning that if the seafloor’s depth was greater than the height specified, the ship goes under.


Unsurprisingly, the crew revolted and fired that foolish captain.  Out of one of the 18lb aft cannons. The first mate assumed command and to mollify the sea hag, the crew decided to accept her gift.  Since then, the Waltzing Matilda has become a legendary pirate ship in her own right. Leaving behind a trail of sacked mountain towns, the smell of gunpowder and rum, and a lot of confused civilians.




Guard-a-Manger – Astrolabe of Carlooth

Artifacts are supposed to be old, dusty, and left in some unused mausoleum … I mean museum, but the Astrolabe has never been consigned to such ignominious fate. It still works, as an astrolabe should never lose all its utility.  There is a legend of luck and fortune behind it. After all, it was on the ship that found Blackbeard’s treasure. It was there when the lost city of Cynidicia was found, far from the shore. A golden astrolabe, though far too resilient to be gold, that seems to draw you to making the right calculations.  What could go wrong?

It was also there when the boat sank, shortly after the pirate’s treasure was confiscated.  It was also there when the caravan was lost to the sandstorm but strangely unharmed. It was there at the greatest success and the most abject failure of explorers of land and sea.  It spelled their fame and their ignominy.

Why will it treat you any differently amongst the stars?    



Demesne    noun de·mesne  \ di-ˈmān , -ˈmēn \


Definition of demesne
1 : legal possession of land as one’s own
2 : manorial land actually possessed by the lord and not held by tenants
3 a : the land attached to a mansion
  b : landed property : estate
  c : region 2, territory
4 : realm 2, domain


Origin and Etymology of demesne
Middle English, from Anglo-French demesne, demeine


First Known Use: 14th century


Popularity: Bottom 40% of words


Closing remarks

Zendead-  Fantasy Map Maker Jump Start: 61 Easy Tips for Fantasy World Building with Real Earth Science By D.N. Frost




nulloperations- Warframe: Fortuna Hype


Guard-a-Manger- Avatar the Last Airbender.  When you talk about worldbuilding, it’s hard not to look at the world of Avatar and its sequels.  The creators are also working on a new fantasy series for Netflix, The Dragon Prince, so look forward to that.


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“Hey you! Yes, you ya Scaly Faced Drazi layabout! Get back here.  I have some questions for ya!”

System Notes

Every role playing group needs a heavy, even when you are in a diplomacy and social oriented game like Babylon 5.  Enter Stephen Biggs with the Soldier Class to straight up handle the primary combat requirements. The Soldier Class is what you expect – immediate combat focus with high Attack Bonus, high Hit Point progression (for Babylon 5), and limited skills. It may be a bit stereotypical an Ability Score load out, but Stephen’s Ability Scores are: Strength 15; Dexterity 16; Constitution 15; Intelligence 12; Wisdom 12; and Charisma 10. As a human, Stephen has an extra feat and extra skill points but few other benefits compared to the other species.    

In the world of Babylon 5, most combat will be ranged and with guns like PPGs rather than melee, so Dexterity got the 16 over Strength which got a 15.  A somewhat gruff and lower Charisma fighting type is almost a required trope at this point, so we will roll with that. With a limited number of skills available, I only maxed out Intimidate and Athletics before stretching a few skills into skills like Computer Use, Operations, and Technical skills to simulate his required work on the scanners as Security on board Bab5.

For feats, Point Blank Shot is nearly a no-brainer providing a bonus in short range firefights that are likely to break out on a space station. As far as the bonus feat for being human, I picked Improved Initiative because with the lower Hit Points, going first becomes even more important.  For his Combat Training Class Ability, I went with Weapon Focus – PPG keeping the short range firefight potential at the forefront.

For Influence, Stephen starts out with only 1D4 in Earthforce, the Earth Alliance Military Influence and he rolls a 2.  He’s not so hot in the chain of command.

Stephen is our first, and looks like only character who will have an apartment in Blue Sector where the Earthforce personnel is housed and also will definitely have access to some armor and an Earthforce Issue PPG.  

Advancement Notes

Advancement in the d20/OGL system is a straightforward affair where saving throws, base attack bonuses, and skills all have improvements as the character levels.  With only 2 skills maxed out, those are easy to keep at the top of the pack. The other abilities are spread around in a similar fashion to make sure that Stephen can back up or aid other people in non combat situations. For Class abilities, Stephen also received Coordinate Unit which provides bonuses to Soldiers if they are in a combat with other soldiers acting as a unit.  Additionally, at Third Level, for a Combat Training Feat I chose Alertness while the normal Third Level feat is Lightning Reload so Stephen is never out of shots for long. Advancing Influence isn’t much with Earthforce at a 3 and Babylon 5 Local at a 1. There is a price to pay for being a combat character in a social game.

Character Notes

Stephen Biggs was always one of the bigger kids in class.  He matured early and hit a good 6 feet tall by the time he was 14.  While he was growing, Earth played a role in the Dilgar War. It was one of Earth Alliance’s first major forays into Interstellar power.  Answering the call for help from the League of NonAligned Worlds, Earth committed forces to repel the Dilgar from their expansionist and atrocity laden path of conquest.  It was the Earthforce that turned the tide and bolstered the League so they could push the Dilgar back to their home system of Omelos which was destroyed by a supernova in 2237.  Stephen had grown big and strong while seeing ISN report on the valiant efforts of the Earthforce fleet and GROPOS. Stephen signed up for Earthforce.

Things didn’t turn out so well for Stephen once he finishes basic training.  Despite being fully trained as a Ground Pounder, Stephen wasn’t immediately assigned to a squad that was going out of the solar system. He ended up in the Military Police, an MP who was doing security detail on Mars base … but that ended up suiting him just fine once the Earth-Minbari war broke out.  He never had a hate for the boneheads (literally, have you seen them? They have these bony crests all around their head), but he was sure as sure terrified they were going to wipe humanity off the map as they rolled through battle after battle with the Earthforce Fleet. Stephen was sweating bullets as the most powerful military force in the galaxy was shredding Earthforce and getting closer and closer to Earth.  Then the Battle of the Line take place in 2248 and the Minbari surrender.

Not wanting to get too caught up in the Free Mars crackdowns that were starting, Stephen transferred off Mars. He was terrified of the Minbari so he understood why Mars didn’t want to be part of that war and he couldn’t hold it against them.  For the next 7 years, Stephen bounced from post to post and never did much to distinguish himself. When he heard that Babylon 5 was finally coming online, after the last four all vanished or were sabotaged, he laughed … until he heard about the Chief of Security.  Michael Garibaldi was a lost cause that deserved a second chance. For all that he had his problems and failings, Garibaldi looked after his own on Europa, on Mars, on every place he was stationed. Maybe Babylon 5 would be the place Stephen finally put all those doubts behind him.  

For all the high profile diplomatic visitors, Babylon 5 Security Duty is a lot like any other security duty.  Stephen finds himself working the “border crossing” scanning and watching the new arrivals for any known wanted criminals or contraband.  Sometimes, he gets caught up in investigating a crime from Downbelow, but mostly it’s run of the mill property crime with an occasional diplomatic duel.  In Nakir’s, Stephen has friends. Friends he really took to liking, even if they are younger than he is. They are also looking up at the people calling shots and wondering how did they get there.  Durvoon seems to share a similar outlook even if he is a bonehead, but a worker bonehead. It’s too bad he can’t have a beer.

The War of Shadows that is coming isn’t going to be what nearly breaks Stephen.  He will stand up for what is right and overcome what has haunted him since the Earth-Minbari war, but it is when EarthGov slips into a fascist state.  His loyalty is tested because Stephen was always part of the Earth Alliance. It was Earthforce that defined his impressionable years, and when Earthforce stops being something he can look up to, Stephen has to choose how to walk away from the only life he has ever known.   


Nakir’s Zocalo Bar Happy Hour Drinking Society Here

Stephen Biggs Human Soldier Sheet


BABYLON 5 and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Copyright © 2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.  The Babylon 5 2d Edition game is subject to the OGL and was published by Mongoose Publishing.

Episode 56: Origins Wrapup for 2018
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Main Topic

Wellington Mark Filho is our newest member in the Facebook Group.  


Origins Wrapup – Origins Games Fair has the reputation in the gaming cognescenti as the “fun” convention.  Here is some of what we got up to and what we think you should take away from a good convention experience.


Gaming! It seems obvious, but unlike GenCon, you don’t have to fill every waking minute at the convention with some dice rolling goodness but you should get a few good sessions in! GaM got a few rounds of Starfinder and some Shadowrun in while Joules hit up not one, not two but  three games that weren’t Shadowrun. (Two Fate Plus games and a Puzzle Break)


New Gaming! Take the time to find something new to try while at conventions! Origins especially has a great set of options for you to wander into role playing or board game events for new games! Expand your mind a bit and try something new, like the Doctor Who Board Game that GaM weaseled his way into trying… or Joules in a head to head against Zippy in the Battletech Boot Camp, severely beating his tushie tush until he got a lucky shot and asploded her head….


Socialize! Seriously! Some of the people at conventions can be your closest friends that you only see once or twice every year if that! Look your friends in the eye and make the time to see them carving out some space to hear their voices and see their face.


Network! Gaming can be more than just a little hobby.  If you are a creative, take the time to meet more of the creatives at the convention! Origins allows for that time because it has space to breath like in the Dealer hall.  Seize the GM has some things in the works that are all about the time we spent in the Dealer Hall … but that’s a story for a later post. *spoilers dearie*


Closing remarks

Zendead- Wild Sketches #2 By Luis Royo


Joules- True Facts


Nulloperations- I finished a book!


Guard-a-Manger- Tentacle Kitty Coloring Book.


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“You misunderstand my devotion to fulfilling my calling in the Worker Caste with blind ignorance at your own risk, human.”

System Notes

Talking about the Babylon 5 2e rules with a friend years ago led to a the enduring belief that a Worker Caste Minbari Worker would be one of the most effective and statistically frightening characters to build.  So I built one. Reviews of the game would take jabs at it for having a Worker class sometimes, but when you dig into it you find a lot of really great and useful parts. A Worker class can be white collar, blue collar, or a performer meaning that small variations on this one class let you play the dockworker, the lawyer, and the lounge singer equally so if you are out exploring, you should hope you have a Worker to do the repair work on your ship or a Worker who is your entry to high society and myriad other possibilities.  Similarly, the Worker Caste of the Minbari is the least developed in the show, but also factors into an intriguing development of the Minbari as a whole late in the show.

In the world of Babylon 5, a Blue Collar Technician and Pilot still needs to have a high Intelligence.  After the bonus to Strength and Penalty to Charisma all Minabri have, Durvoon’s Ability Scores are: Strength 17, Dexterity 10, Constitution, 12, Intelligence 16, Wisdom 15, Charisma 10.  Additionally, Durvoon has bonuses to Initiative and Concentration. As a Worker Caste, he has bonuses to Computer Use, Operations, and Technical checks plus can attempt any Technical Check untrained.  Now, you begin to see why the Worker Caste plus Worker Class is beautiful synergy.

For skills, I started with maxing out Computer Use, Operations in both Technical and Sensors, and all three Technical skills – electronics, engineering, and mechanical.  I spread a few points around to skills like Drive and Pilot for future developments.

For feats, Durvoon picked up Spacecraft proficiency because I want him to grow into being the pilot if this crew ever were to set out as backup for one of Mia’s later in life cover jobs. The class skill of Vocation Bonus allows the character to have a bonus equal to their Class level to any one class skill – I chose Computer Use.  Between the Worker Caste bonus and the Vocation Bonus, Durvoon is not just the future pilot but also the hacker of the group if they need to get into any systems!

For Influence, Mia starts with 1D4 influence in two different influences.  Minbari Worker Caste Influence seems appropriate as does Earth Economic with rolls respectively of 3 and 2.   

Some simple weapons like a comically large wrench with which to bludgeon offending Drazi, and modest quarters for one devoted to a life of toil and Durvoon is now present.

Advancement Notes

Advancement in the d20/OGL system is a straightforward affair where saving throws, base attack bonuses, and skills all have improvements as the character levels.  Keeping the six skills listed above maxed out, I turn to adding more knowledges to remove the computer and technical penalty with Earth Alliance equipment. Workers get no new class abilities by third level, but for his general Feat I add Spaceship Dodge to keep that piloting thing going. For advancing Influence, Mia has minorly increased those original Influences to 4 and 3 respectively while adding a single rank of Influence in each Narn Economic and Centari Economic factions from his interactions in the blue collar daily bustle of Babylon 5.

Character Notes

For the Minbari, the Worker Caste ensures that the Federation continues apace.  The Worker caste builds, memorializes, and fixes the artifacts and trappings of the Minbari. Durvoon is one such Minbari.  Other interstellar governments think rarely of the Worker Caste, because it is the Warrior Caste and Religious Caste who take the spotlight.  Neither fighter nor diplomat, the Workers work. Durvoon has learned the ins and outs of Minbari technology, and is even fluent in the usage of Earth Alliance technology.  His personal achievements were part of why he was chosen as an exceptional member of the caste to live on Babylon 5 supporting the Diplomatic mission and any travelling Minbari who would come through.  

Durvoon did harbor some secrets – he found space to be thrilling.  It was in space, and when flying a spaceship that he felt most alive and most at peace with his part of constructing and tending these ships in Valen’s name.  His eyes would drift upward when on planet, in wonderment often more befitting the Religious Caste, but keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground beneath him.  Durvoon’s temper could certainly be something that flares up as he grows weary of being shunted aside – while he may agree with the decisions being made by the warrior caste and the religious caste, the decision to go to war should never be made without the voices of those who build the weapons of war and who inhabit the planets left to be targeted.

A study in contradictions, of a calm and dedicated worker who carries out his job without embellishment and the short tempered idealist who yearns to fly.  In Nakir’s, he has found those with whom he can share that even if alcohol is not in a Minbari’s diet, especially Stephen who feels a similar pull but from the human side of things.

There is a great upheaval in Durvoon’s future. For once, it isn’t about the War that is coming, but the fallout of the War in the Minbari Society.  As he diligently toils, Minbari culture is reshaped and he will be at the heart of the remaking of the Grey Council. The Council traditions are to be broken shortly, and when they are finally reforged it is with a new set of traditions where the Worker Caste is no longer the underfoot and overlooked.  Durvoon may be a leader of the Worker Caste, not quite a Satai standing between shadow and light but holding more in his hands than perhaps was planned.


Nakir’s Zoclao Bar Happy Hour Drinking Society Here

Durvoon Minbari Worker Sheet


BABYLON 5 and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Copyright © 2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.  The Babylon 5 2d Edition game is subject to the OGL and was published by Mongoose Publishing.

Episode 55: Statblock-a-Palooza 2!
Regular Shows

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Main Topic


SCP Foundation



Item #: 65201


Object Class: Euclid


Special Containment Procedures: While looking into Item #65201 great care should be taken. Touching or looking at the item without the proper protective gear can result in the loss, mangeling or destruction of the hands or eyes. When not being handled the item should be kept in the deep storage locker #92461. Decon level 4 needed after more then 31 minutes of contact.


Description: Item 65201 is a ferro-organic spike with a slight curve like a tooth. It has no wear marks like one thou. It measures 18 inches long and a radius of 2 ½ inches.


The members that have looked into this article claim from time to time that they can hear it call them. Or it will hum in a subsonic way when handled. There have been no recorded instances of these things ever happening. Be warned some people have been known to have negative reactions to the article after only a few minutes of working with it.


Joules –  De Rez (Location)

Item #: SCP-8431


Object Class: Keter


Special Containment Procedures:  De Rez itself is walled off, with a singular point of ingress.  The wall uses “see thru” holo projections to help conceal its existence. De Rez has a 8 km radius buffer zone from the edge of the area proper.  Perception filters, holograms and subtle pathing are combined with routine security patrols, trained guard animals, and various sensor nets to keep out trespassers.


Description: De Rez is an area about 5.4 square kilometers and home to a unique self contained phenomenon.  De Rez appears to be an area where the normal rules of physics do not apply. Outside observations describe De Rez as an area where quantum mechanics and quantum phenomenon occur on a supermacro level.  And even stranger, the quantum superposition does not collapse when being observed. The exact nature of the phenomenon is unknown.


Currently De Rez is not expanding or contracting.  The space/size seems to be static. Current measurements outside De Rez’s event horizon show no adverse effects to the environment.

Sensor/experimental electronic drones, organic life forms, and mundane objects that are taken past the “event horizon” of De Rez become permanently integrated into the system. To this date, nothing has been able to be retrieved.  Outside observations of any organic life forms do not detect obvious distress. More observations over longer time periods are required.


GaM – Performance Review – Doctor Michael Andreas (Person)

Dr. Andreas is categorized as a Solid Performing researcher.  Specifically, Dr. Andreas demonstrates above average conscientiousness and adherence to protocol.  Despite his short tenure with the SCP Foundation, Dr. Andreas shows promise regarding research into string theory and post-modern dimensional bleed.  Dr. Andreas, however, does show a need to improve his performance regarding his attendance and his punctuality. Specifically, there have been documented instances of tardiness to his work station despite his car being logged at the parking deck on time. Additionally, he has been documented returning to the SCP Foundation premises despite not being observed departing by his coworkers or supervisors.  Advise that Dr. Andreas be monitored for unauthorized research projects with contained items. Recommend a 3% merit adjustment and 1.5% COLA.


Shiny Happy People


Zen Shiny Happy People

What happens when the world as you know it doesn’t offer up much challenge? True most people will not know that feeling but for a tech man like Alexei the world has no real challenges left. But what if the challenges now are internal. Things you can not beat with money or influence? That is where Alexei is, he is a tech guru that has seen a flash of something. What is that something? The darkness inside himself or maybe the darkness of the world.


Trying to fix it in himself and others is not easy but if he can get the darkest evil of the world and draw it to himself then he can try to purge it from the world. Some terms get thrown around like cult or fanatics but he doesn’t let those thing bother him. And he doesn’t have to since he is going to make the world better even if he must bring a few of them kicking and screaming. Once they see the error of their ways the Shiny Happy People want to help bring more into the fold till we are all Happy.


Joules Insta-Bash (Thing)

Thank you for requesting the latest copy of the “catalogue”

As a thank you for being a loyal customer, we are willing to offer you a 10% discount on the latest innovation.


Introducing the Insta-Bash, the latest and greatest from Popeil Brothers, Inc. A Frobozz Electric company.  This handy dandy device makes celebrations a breeze. And it’s SO EASY! Never again will you have to miss out on your own party because you’re trying to stay on top of everything.  


Select the type of party you want to throw.  Choose approximate size of the party (guest number and venue size), food and drink selection, duration, and celebration type.  The Insta-Bash then displays available venues, catering recommendations, and optional recommended hardware like canopies or portable patio heaters.  It also has an option to select party staffing (if required). Make your selections and the Insta-Bash does the rest.


The Insta-Bash coordinates with all the vendors so that everything will be ready for your special day and with the social media upgrade, Insta-Bash will also send out personalized invites to everyone on your guest list.


The Insta-Bash also comes with various troubleshooting and incident mitigating features and upgrades.


Life is a party.  So let Insta-Bash help you celebrate the fun instead of sweating the details.


All Sales Final.  No Refunds. By using the Insta-Bash you hereby allow Frobozz Electric access to your address, metrics, contact lists and organ donor status.  


nulloperations Village of Empty Hearts  [Place]


The village is small, remote, isolated. But these people smile wide as your party approach their border. You want to be wary, but you can’t seem to stay concerned next to the carefree nature of these people as they welcome you into their businesses and homes. You wait and wait for the shoe to drop, but not a terror occurs as you settle in the hostel they’ve setup.


Which is why it’s odd when you notice the strange portraits around the village. While they look like relatives of the people from the town, no one seems to care when you ask about them. Oh, they acknowledge the missing, but there isn’t a weight of concern or worry about their absence. Just hollow recognition, and in one young man, a look of pain he won’t elaborate on.

The second night in the village, in the dead of night, you watch the young man walk a path out of town. You debate following him, but he stops just on the edge of the farmland and lays down to sleep in a stone circle. The next day, his concern seems to have evaporated.


Empathetic Evil


Joules Destined Regent (Person)

Why are you crying?

Mummy don’t cry.

Don’t be sad.

Why are you crying?  This is my destiny, remember?  Born under a lunar eclipse following a solar eclipse.  I’ve been studying the ancient texts. Memorizing the histories. Following your lessons since before I was weaned.

You told me that the prophecies said I would become our country’s most influential regent, beloved by all.  I would fix our land’s problems. I would heal the hearts of our people. And I have, haven’t I? My people love me.  They live in safety, if they stay within the walls. They have full bellies, if they are willing to work in the fields or the mines.  They are free to worship whatever gods that I choose.

You raised me to be the greatest regent, Mummy.  You said following your lessons was the only way to become the ruler I am destined to be.  That everyone would love me.

So I followed your lessons Mummy.  Every day. Weapons practice. History lessons. Music Lessons. Rhetoric, philosophy, war, politics.  I’ve studied them all at your knee.

But I look at your face Mummy.  I don’t see love.

I see fear.  

But don’t worry Mummy.  You told me I am the Destined Regent.  You’ve told me this for 10 years. So I know it’s not my fault.

There must be something wrong with you.

So please stop crying Mummy.

I’ll fix you.


GaM HERitage BICameral IDol Escarpment [Location]

The stones are still stained with the blood of your fathers.  The town square was the place where an entire generation was wiped out by the new Kings.  The stone drank the blood from their bodies in ways no other stone will. This stone brought by the Kings in their chariots replaced the rough hewn sandstone from your grandparents generation.  The stones shattered the square into the escarpment that maintains togay, humming and glowing and constantly reminding you it is there. Every day, every week, all you see is the reminder that these stones hold onto the last remnant of your parents.  Every tear that drops from your cheek is rapidly absorbed by those same stones.

You’d go back in time if you could.  You’d stop your parents from asking for help.  The new Kings came at your parents behest. The new Kings saved your village from the ever encroaching creeping death.  They didn’t want to, but blood had to be spilled to power the stone work. The Kings explained the creeping death was their fault.  The attempt to keep the world green, to put right what they themselves destroyed had taken on its own life. The Kings in the Sky required a sacrifice to save the village from the King’s own arrogant folly, and your parents gave it freely.


nulloperations – The Circle of Deep Dreaming [Thing]


It’s voraciously hungry, that’s a truth that cannot be disputed. It wants and needs for terrors, for nightmares, for the thoughts of the darkest violence and cruelest of intentions. All are sustenance for the circle, all let it thrive and strengthen. Those who dare dream within a day’s walking journey to the ring will feel compelled to travel and slumber within its boundary. There they will experience their terrors culminated in a single awful nightmare.


And then it will be gone, consumed by the circle. They’ll be free of the darkness for the next turn of the moon. If this was the last intelligent being in the region, the circle too will vanish, seeking new nightmares to consume.


Currently, the ring resides outside a small trouble free village. The village has kept it here for twelve years, using its terror eating powers to treat the darkness within them. To free them of the burdens on their hearts.


Near Future AR


Zen –



As the grainy resolution sharpens over the physicality of the old door the name Symbiosis comes into sharp focus. Reaching out to the door it opens with but a touch of the palm reader. The codes to get in uploaded with a thought. The room entered is white and blank. Blinking three times rapidly calls up the AR settings in the room.


It floods into a room full of maps and information. There is a bed and a few other real world things but not much. The makeup of the AR is changed for each person that interacts with it. In the beginning the area stays simple and as the root protocols start to learn the things you need, want and like they change to fill in those things. Symbiosis grows on and in you the more time you stay in it. Till eventually it doesn’t need the room. And when that happens the latest stage of the AI and VR interface grows to “Help” you in ways you don’t need but that it feels you want.


GaM – Data Germs [Thing]

The high density storage media broke our old expectations for data.  All the chatter about trinary computing and breaking Moore’s law may have been for naught, but the amount we could store wasn’t overstated.  But that’s the problem. Caches of data are left in storage crystals, no larger than a pebble. They litter the world left and right, up and down, dragging with them the data, the memories, the history they contain.  


Data Pollution is what they are calling it.  The seamless mesh network that runs the AR infrastructure of the world can’t keep up.  The backwards compatibility is baked into the entire world and there is too much riding on it for the corps to reverse course now.  It’s too bad for the scientists, so often early adopters, holding the blame for those memory crystals so cheaply made, so cheaply filled, so cheaply tossed.  These data germs infected our world on the precipice of technology breakthroughs … and left us swimming in a morass of the past and pains reflected on anyone who stumbles too close to a hidden germ’s broadcast.


nulloperations – Daemon of the Circle [Person]


It won’t appear without the aid of the glass. It’s not alive in the normal sense, just energy that can think, and most of what it thinks about is its hunger. The circle centers it, gives it a place to manifest in the world, but it can’t leave it. The glass lets you see it though.

Give them here, I’ll show you. Oh, you have the scanners set for low-light. That won’t help. It’s got to be on the thin wave spectrum. Yes, the same one we used to fix the cart. I told you, it’s energy. Electricity, or not. I’m not sure. The circle’s magnetic, so I think the creature is centered on that. Here put your glass back on.


Yes, you see it now. Big nasty thing, isn’t it? It only looks that way because we’re here though. I’ve left a camera to watch it and during the day it’s mostly a haze of electrical patterns to the lens. But to you and I? It wants to be shaped like a nightmare. That’s not one of mine though, but I can’t blame you. A giant lagomorph would spoke me too.


Now, come with me into the circle.


I know you’re scared. That’s the point. That’s why we’re here. That’s what it wants. That’s why it’s focused on you. Just step in. It won’t do anything to you unless you lie down to sleep.

This next part, I need you to be very careful. I’m going to set your glass to a different output mode. The one we talked about last night. You’ll see nothing but noise on your end, but the creature of the circle might see something in the static.


Perfect. Step back. It’s transfixed. We’ll get you a new glass, just let it wear it. Oh right, you can’t see it anymore, here look through mine. It’s just sitting there, affixed to the images of horror, feeding. Why are you looking to that side of the circle? What do you see? Give me my glass back.


Oh. Oh, there’s more of them. So many more. We need to warn the village.



Closing remarks

Zendead- Torg


Joules- Two Lumps: The Adventures of Ebenezer and Snooch


Guard-a-Manger- One of the best Sci-Fi shows in years was picked up to survive on Amazon Prime! The Expanse is a fantastic show that is an adaptation of a novel series.  Reasons for SyFy not to renew it are irrelevant here – go watch it on Amazon Prime since Season 4 will be there soon enough!  


Null – Zee Bashew’s animated Dungeons and Dragons is a charming set of short videos about snippets on D&D5e. They cover the wonderful power that is the fireball spell, how certain spells can completely nullify certain campaign tropes, and a set of interesting (and odd) sets of concept characters.


Bonus link: So Many Levels: A D&D Podcast


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“I understand you’ve got some reservations, but let me assure you IPX will absolutely take care of your family back home if we can get these permits cleared today”

System Notes

Mia Cory is one of the most straightforward characters and concepts to see.  The Agent class, with its high skills and emphasis on Dexterity, is a Rogue or Thief class for the modern and future settings.  While the show didn’t get too deep into it, there were a number if large megacorporations that had immense influence within EarthGov and the Earth Alliance.  I wanted to peak at that part of the world in Nakir’s Zocalo Bar’s Happy Hour Drinking Society. IPX, or Interplanetary Expeditions, is one of the corporations that has regular contact with Babylon 5 in the setting, so I pick that as a good corporation to be trying to get something done and it fits with certain story points in the first few seasons of the show. As a general fixer or corporate spy character, and keeping in mind that this is similar to a Rogue, Mia Cory’s abilities are: Strength 10; Dexterity 16; Constitution 12; Intelligence 15; Wisdom 12; and Charisma 15. As a human, Mia has an extra feat and extra skill points but few other benefits compared to the other species.    

As an Agent, Dexterity is prioritized as well as having the highest possible skill ranks to select Low hit points are not a surprise and it comes along with high Reflex saves and a fair amount of influence spread out a bit more than the Diplomat’s.  I chose to max out the skill ranks for Acrobatics, Bluff, Notice, Sense Motive, Subterfuge, and Stealth. The remaining skill points are used for at least a base level of ranks in Appraise, Drive, Pilot, and a number of different knowledges related to the idea of the Corporate Agent.

For feats, Mia needs to make sure that combat isn’t a lost cause in this grouping so Dodge is her free feat with Improved Point Blank Shot as her first level feat.  The Master of the Craft special ability of an Agent is used to provide Skill Focus bonuses on Subterfuge.

For Influence, Mia starts with 1D6 influence in two different influences.  I’ll keep her Earth Alliance centered, so 1 in IPX as the required faction as well as 6 in Earth Economic. Her employer may not like her a lot, but she sure does have some good friends in other business circles.  

Some simple weapons, armor, and a berth in Red Sector for IPX’s corporate development, and Mia is ready to go!

Advancement Notes

Advancement in the d20/OGL system is a straightforward affair where saving throws, base attack bonuses, and skills all have improvements as the character levels.  Similar to how Vr’korl was advanced, it pays to keep those maxed out skills maxed out. I further some skills around to create a broad base of options for her job. For Class abilities, Mia picked up the Opportunist Ability that is used for Crippling Shots to try to take down opponents on those occasions that fights do break out and a bonus feat of Improved Feint (now that she has a BAB +1 prerequisite met) to work with that ability. For advancing Influence, Mia has minorly increased those original Influences to 3 and 8 respectively but also branched out into having a 2 Influence in League Economic and Criminal to help expand IPX’s reach.

Character Notes

Even in the 2230s, growing up in Australia, Earth, Earth Alliance, is a special experience.  While Earth had certainly seen more than its fair share of advancements, there was something still about Australia that never quite seemed to be on the same page.  Marsupials and poisonous creatures were part of the legacy of the continent and it has its own pride to this day. Mia Cory grew up expecting there to be wilderness, to be have something to explore, and to be able to see a horizon at all times.  

As Mia grew older, she saw that most people never looked out to the horizon; she couldn’t be like most people. Interplanetary Expeditions was always her goal.  She applied herself in school to be a desirable hire by a company known for going off world and charting new systems. The Earth-Minbari war frightened her as she was finishing school because she didn’t want to be in a warzone, she wanted to see the unknown.  She shifted her focus away from being out in the open to exploring or sneaking in more civilized areas. IPX never slowed down hiring and Mia became a proud member of the IPX family in 2252. 5 short years later, Mia was still stuck in Earthspace with only brief ventures to expeditions, colonies, or other far flung locales.

When the Babylon 5 assignment came up, she didn’t try to avoid it because she secretly wanted to be given some freedom and space in the far reaches of space.  She was already far enough down the pecking order that it was likely she would get the assignment and she has spent the past two years lobbying for IPX, doing whatever was needed as IPX assignments and expeditions came through, and making sure she was a regular at Nakir’s.  

The future is going to be a difficult time for Mia.  When the galaxy shudders into war, IPX will be hit hard since it can’t fulfill its main business purpose.  Rumors of IPX as nothing more than a front for EarthForce weapons development will surface and Mia may be less and less confident in her role with the Company. Mia will broaden out into a new class, Trader, and  use these two classes together as a cover to work as an Agent for a new employer as humanity and the galaxy enter a new age.


Nakir’s Zocalo Bar Happy Hour Drinking Society Here

Mia Corey Human Agent Sheet


BABYLON 5 and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Copyright © 2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.  The Babylon 5 2d Edition game is subject to the OGL and was published by Mongoose Publishing.